Mom, Harry, and Paula


Getting involved and helping in the local community is a long-standing tradition of the MacArthur family. For more than 55 years, the MacArthur family has been a constant source of help to the community and continues to bring local businesses together to lend a helping hand.

Natives Helping Natives, Inc 501(C)(3)

Helping the local youth of our area has been a big part of the Hobe Sound business community.

Sponsoring sports teams, helping with school projects, funding scholarships, or providing Christmas cheer, are just some of the programs for which local business have opened their hearts and checkbooks.

No individual has done more through the years than Harry MacArthur. The MacArthur family has been a constant source of help to the young people of our community. Many of Harry's efforts fly "under-the-radar" and are known only to the fortunate recipients. A fine example of Harry's generosity is his annual Christmas Toy Drive, which has been underwritten for years by Harry and the generous patrons of Harry and the Natives. This effort has grown in recent years with the addition of a Christmas Caroling Program which raises additional funds and helps heighten local awareness of the needs of our young people.

Harry and some special natives realized that with the population in Hobe Sound growing, more needed to be done to cultivate the giving spirit of all Hobe Sounders. Also recognized was the need to match donors with those youngsters seeking help. The result of these efforts was the formation of NATIVES HELPING NATIVES, INC, a 501(c)(3) organization that will coordinate fund raising, review sponsorship requests and disburse funds to worthy youth projects in our town. The Board of Directors of this group consists of long time Hobe Sounders, each of whom has a history of dedication to community service and shares in the common goal of helping the kids of OUR community.

Pauline MacArthur, Indian River Community College Scholarship Fund

For scholarship details and information on how to contribute, contact us

Hobe Sound Chamber of Commerce

Located on Bridge Road, the chamber has been an invaluable partner in bringing businesses together to help the community. For more information contact the chamber at:

PO Box 1507, 8994 SE Bridge Rd, Hobe Sound FL 33475
Phone: 772-546-4724
Fax: 772-546-9969

The Garden Party Band

The Garden Party Band is a classic rock/old standards/jazz/country musical group made up solely of health care professionals. Over the past few years, this group has used their love of music to raise over $30,000 for worthwhile medical causes. Each time they play, the goal is to raise money for a particular individual or organization that needs help. Using a tip jar, donations are collected throughout the evening and tallied at the end of the night.

So far, the group has donated funds to local children with cancer, colleagues from the hospital who were experiencing major illnesses, and groups such as the American Heart Association, Leukemia Society, and Juvenile Diabetes Association.